Windows 11 – Coming Soon

I.T. No Go is ready to assist you to upgrade to Windows 11.

While that final release date for Windows 11 is not known, we except the release for to be late 2021 , most likely October.

IT. No Go can help you with your current system to upgrade to Windows 11 or if your system is not able to be upgraded Windows 11, we can supply you with new hardware to get you up and running with the latest operating system.

Short list of things to know

  • Windows 11 is the successor to Windows 10.
  • You don’t need to wait until the release to purchase a Windows 11 Ready system, we can supply systems now ready for Windows 11 release.
  • We suggest that the current hardware shortages will only be compounded with this new release, and waiting for the final release may make getting the hardware you want even harder, so if you are thinking on replacing you system(s), now could be the better time.
  • As a rule of thumb, systems release before (approx.)  Mid 2018 , may not have a supported processor, you may still be able to upgraded but with performance warnings.
  • Your system WILL require a TPM 2.0 Module  ( Trusted Platform Module ) , This will be required for Windows 11.
  • Systems missing a TMP 2.0 module ? In some cases your system may already have the TPM 2.0 but may been disabled, many manufactures have installed the TPM 2.0 but for reasons unknown have disabled the Module in the system settings , or in others cases the TPM 2.0 Module can be installed in some systems, we can check that and see what options you have for your system.
  • Most Systems sold by I.T. No Go for the last 24 months ( is most cases longer ) already have had or have the option for a TMP 2.0 Module.
  • System doesn’t meet the requirements, that is OK Windows 10  is supported by Microsoft until October 2025, so time to arrange your upgrade

Ready To GO, Call or email us, we can have you ready to upgrade.

Want to see what Windows 11 looks like see the below video.